Call for Papers, Linux Conference 2001

`Linux Conference' is the leading and accepted Linux event in Japan. The 1st Linux Conference was held at Kyoto in the end of 1998 as the first nationwide scale full-blown Linux event in Japan. Through the history of this event, lots of community members such as hackers, developers and engineers meet with key persons who drive the major trend in the business applications of the Linux at this event as the greatest Linux meeting in Japan. And the last `Linux Conference 2000 Fall' was held as the 4th conference with `Perl/Ruby Conference' in Nov. last year. With the attendance of many people from the whole Open Source World (not limited to the Linux world only), this event won its biggest success ever.

This year's conference will be held at Meiji Memorial Hall (Meiji Kinen Kan) and the theme is `Linux Conference 2001 - Here comes the most advanced and bleeding edge technologies from the Open Source Softwares -'. We are excited to see the fruition in state of the art technologies from more and more researchers, developers, engineers, institutes and companies. Let us be surprised with your greatest papers :)

More details about the event and the CFP will be announced at mid of May on our current schedule

Linux Conference Award

From this year, Program Committee presents the Linux Conference Award to the most superior paper. The winning paper will be published on the commercial magazine, and the author (person, group, or project) will be given cash award and extra prize. All of us, members in Program Committee and in Executive Committee are waiting for your excellent and mind-blowing thesis.

Summary of this event

Name: Linux Conference 2001
Presented by: Japan Linux Association (
Date: Sep 26 (Wed) 2001 - Sep 28 (Fri) 2001
Place Meiji Memorial Hall (Meiji Kinen Kan)
(2-2-23, MotoAkasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-8507, Japan)

Program of the Conference

The Conference will be held with the 4 tracks on each separate theme. Every track invites papers related to the themes shown below. But themes for papers are not limited to them, so you can freely choose the theme of your article.

Track on Platform
  • Kernel
  • Internationalization (i18n) and/or Multilingualization (m17n)
  • Tools for Development
  • Programming Languages
  • Scripting Languages
  • High Performance Computing
  • Clustering Technologies
  • Graphics
  • Networking
  • Filesystem
  • Packaging System
  • Security
  • Performance Tuning
Track on Embedded Track on Enterprise Track on Desktop
  • Unique Architecture
  • Built-in System
  • Realtime System
  • Practical Example of Embedded System
  • Security
  • Performance Tuning
  • Enterprise Computing
  • Mission Critical
  • Application Cluster
  • Fault Tolerant System
  • Large Scale Environment
  • Development of Enterprise Computing
  • Security
  • Performance Tuning
  • User Interfaces
  • Desktop Environment
  • Support for Disability
  • Accessibility
  • MultiMedia
  • Office Tool
  • Security
  • Performance Tuning

Guidelines for papers

  • Papers shall be prepared in the two forms. One of them is abstract, and the other is the full-paper which would be manuscript of the presentation at the conference.
  • Both of abstract and full-paper shall be sent to in machine-readable format (i.e. can be read with a PC) before 18 June 2001. Strongly encouraged to use the de facto standard format such as PS, PDF, TeX, html, and sgml. MS Word and PowerPoint can be accepted. Please consult the committee about other formats.
  • Beginning of the each article should have the note for distinction of abstract and full-paper.
  • Each article should have the note for conference track which is applied for.
  • As an addition to the papers, the introduction of the author should be provided in 200-300 characters.
  • Full-paper should be written in about 12 pages of A4 sized paper, and abstract should be written in about 4 pages of A4 sized paper (The recommended size of characters is 11pt).
  • Length of Session for each paper will be 30 minutes. If you need longer session, please consult the committee.
  • If only the abstract is sent, then full-paper and/or manuscript of the presentation at the conference should be provided before 31 July 2001 during or after the review.
  • If you wish to give the presentation, then manuscript of the presentation at the conference should be provided, and it should be sent before 31 July 2001 as written at (3) on the timetable below.
  • Preferred language for papers/presentations is Japanese, but English could be accepted.
  • Papers arrived are reviewed by the members of reviewing committee, and then will be determined on acceptance. Cross-review also will be done with the applicants. (Reviewing Committee consists of some known persons and the members of the Program Committee shown below.)


  1. Closing Date for papers: 18 June 2001 (Mon) [take care not to forget this deadline!]
  2. Notice of acceptance: 10 July 2001 (Tue)
  3. Closing Date for manuscript (photo-ready quality): 31 July 2001 (Tue)


  • Presentation at the conference will be prepared as the default unless explicitly specified otherwise.
  • Reintroduce might be requested during the review stage.
  • Copyright of the paper belongs to the author.
  • Author must permit the redistribution of the paper by Japan Linux Association such as publish of printed proceedings, CD-ROMs, and web pages of Linux Conference 2001. Additionally, some papers will be published on the commercial magazines, so authors must allow this.
  • If you have questions, please ask them to LC2001 office (

Program Committee

Chairman of the Program Committee

  • Suguru Yamaguchi (Nara Institute of Science and Technology)

Members of the Program Committee

  • Takashi Imaizumi (Chiba University)
  • Akinori Saitoh (Oosaka University)
  • Koji Okamura (Kyushu University)
  • Takahiko Tomuro (SGI Japan, Ltd.)
  • Akio Kido (Free Standards Group, IBM Japan, Ltd.)
  • Ko Kazaana (Linux Japan, Chief Editor)
  • Akihiro Anezaki (NEC, Ltd.)
  • Toshiaki Ebata (Red Hat Japan, Inc.)
  • Fumitoshi Ukai (Hewlett-Packard Japan, Ltd., Debian Project, Japan Linux Association)
  • Daisuke Suzuki (Red Hat Japan, Inc., Project Vine, Japan Linux Association)

Executive Committee

Chairman of the Executive Committee

  • Akira Kurisaki (SGI Japan, Ltd.)

Members of the Executive Committee

  • Michinori Nakahara (IBM Japan, Ltd.)
  • Takaaki Higuchi (Sun Microsystems, Inc.)
  • Jiro Ishizaki (FUJITSU LIMITED)
  • Tomomi Suzuki (Hitachi, Ltd.)
  • Katsuya Furukawa (Compaq Computer KK)
  • Yasushi Osonoi (Intel K.K.)
  • Fumitoshi Ukai (Hewlett-Packard Japan, Ltd., Debian Project, Japan Linux Association)
  • Daisuke Suzuki (Red Hat Japan, Inc., Project Vine, Japan Linux Association)

Contact to

Address: Management office for Linux Conference 2001
Japan Linux Association
Shin-Kanda Build. 7F, 2-15-2, SotoKanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
(Postal Code) 101-0021, Japan
Person responsible:Matumuro (