Linux Conference

`Linux Conference' is the leading and accepted Linux event in Japan. The 1st Linux Conference was held at Kyoto in the end of 1998 as the first nationwide scale full-blown Linux event in Japan. Through the history of this event, lots of community members such as hackers, developers and engineers meet with key persons who drive the major trend in the business applicaions of the Linux at this event as the greatest Linux meeting in Japan. And the last `Linux Conference 2000 Fall' was held as the 4th conference with `Perl/Ruby Conference' in Nov. last year. With the attendance of many people from the whole Open Source World (not limited to the Linux world only), this event won its biggest success ever.

This year's conference will be held at Meiji Memorial Hall (Meiji Kinen Kan) and the theme is `Linux Conference 2001 - Here comes the most advanced and bleeding edge technologies from the Open Source Softwares -'. We are excited to see the frution in state of the art technologies from more and more researchers, developers, engineers, institutes and companies.

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