Linux Conference 2001 Keynote speech

Keynote speech of Linux Conference 2001 on Septempber 27th and 28th A.M

Jun Murai
(in Japanese) (9/27 10:30- 60min)

Jim Lacey
As the technology industry continues to evolve, innovative organizations are emerging to meet the challenge of certification. The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) was founded to provide a quality measurement and rallying point for those interested in Linux and Open Source software technologies.
What are the guiding principles behind this organization? How does it meet the needs of the business community? What is the associated value proposition? In this session, we will discuss the evolution of the Linux Professional Institute, the current state of global expansion, and the future direction of LPI and its impact on the certification industry.
(9/28 10:10- 50min)

Other TBD